Finally the fence is done! Thanks Michael!!!
We have fence all around our garden, so we can let out our dogs, and dont worry about cars.
Here is Maja and Douglas, our daughters dog, he is a mix with Vorsteh and?. He is huge!
We had a wonderful sunny day!

Here is Maja watching the cat Tuva. Maja is waiting for Tuva to come down...

Maja had to stay inside the fence, she was not so happy about it!

It was getting cold in the evening, so we went in and I took the rest of the photos inside.

Maja is so curios about our grandson Alexander!! Alexanders mother is our middle girl Johanna and his father is Peter. They've got a MixVorsteh and a Dobermann pinscher. He is huge!.

So where Alexander is, there is Maja:) She is very kind to him and Alexander is very kind to our animals. It's the best to start young and get used to animals, of course an adult always hold an eye on them.

Here is Emilia, our first born granddaughter. It's our oldest daughter Jessica and father Michael who is parents to Emilia. They have 3 dogs, 2 Flatcoated retriever and 1 border collie.
Emilia loves the cat Tuva, because Tuva do not protest when she carry her or cuddle her. They are so sweet together.

This is Maja and Tuva reading the Swedish BBHC-magazine, about Bichon bolognese & havanais Club.

Jessica and Me (Monica) we are having the kennel StrandWiks together since my husband Michael got out of the kennel, he was in the kennel for 20 years!


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